Infertility treatment

Native IVF

What is native IVF?

It is a kind of infertility treatment when we perform an IVF (fertilization outside the body) in a natural cycle of the patient without any hormonal stimulation drugs. It means that we are following the natural growth of one follicle (egg) in an ovary. In case it is big enough, its punction is performed – taking of the egg to a laboratory. The egg is fertilised and the created embryo is put into the womb of the woman after few days of cultivation.


Who is native IVF an ideal choice for?

  • For women who don´t want to undergo a hormonal stimulation beacuse of any reason.

What is the success rate of native IVF cycles?

Generally, the success rate can be defined as lower because of few reasons:

  • Very often, women who haven´t got pregnant in a classical IVF with hormonal stimulation undergo this kind of treatment. They are so called „low responders“. It is a specific group of patients who have generally lower chance to get pregnant.
  • There is a higher risk that we remove the egg in a wrong time thus we don´t get it in the ideal quality when not using the hormonal stimulation.
  • We have a great variety of eggs during the hormonal stimulation. In case some egg doesn´t fertilise or some embryo doesn´t develop any more, there is still a chance we will have an embryo of a good quality for the embryo transfer.
  • One egg means a higher risk that there won´t be any embryo transfer at all.


In case there is an embryo transfer, the chances to get pregnant are similar. It is obvious that in order to get pregnant, very often more natural cycles of the woman are needed. Thus getting pregnant might take more time.


Are there any variants of IVF with low stimulation?

Yes. In such case, we choose an IVF cycle with so called minimal stimulation when lower amount of stimulation drugs is given. When doing so we are expecting max. 4 follicles to grow. The cycle is „under control“ and we are reducing the risk of a hyperstimulation syndrom at the same time (OHSS).


Both native and IVF cycle with minimal stimulation are options which our doctors, considering the patient´s anamnesis, discuss with the patients and they suggest the treatment exactly to measure taking into account the wishes of each couples who decides to treat their fertility problems in our clinics.