We prepared the answers to most frequently asked questions here.

  • Why is the initial consultation with a physician important? What do I need to prepare for it?

    This consultation is extremely important in order to determine the treatment that is appropriate for you. That is why the physician needs all your medical documentation that is required for the initiation of the treatment. If you provide us with all necessary documents, you can arrange a specific date of the start of treatment during the consultation with the physician.

  • How much will my treatment in the GENNET clinic cost?

    Prices of individual types of treatment and specific examinations can be found in our current price list.

  • Does the staff of GENNET speak in my mother tongue?

    There is an international department in our clinic for your maximum comfort. All information will be provided to you in English, German, Italian or French.

  • Why should I choose GENNET?

    GENNET is a leading clinic with many years of experience. It mainly offers its patients a successful comprehensive treatment of their condition using the most recent high-tech equipment, state-of-the-art PGT-M laboratories and a personal approach to the clients.

  • Why should I choose the Czech Republic for my treatment?
    Our clinic is located in Prague, which is the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is one of the most beautiful European cities. The clinic is situated only a few steps from the historical center and we offer you the possibility of superb accommodation at competitive rates from our partners.
  • Why should I wait up to 2 months for the treatment with donor gametes?

    The period of 2 months is not only waiting time. You will undergo all necessary examinations for your treatment during this time. If you choose the treatment with donor eggs, we will look for a suitable donor and you will have the opportunity to prepare for the entire cycle both mentally and physically. The waiting time depends on your readiness for the treatment, it can therefore be considerably shorter.

  • Who are your donors?

    Our donors are mostly university students or young mothers aged 18-35 years. These women undergo a gynecological examination, they are repeatedly tested for sexually transmitted diseases and they ultimately undergo a genetic screening.

  • How will you find a suitable donor for me?
    Special program selects donors from our database according to the blood group and phenotype, that is, eye color, hair color, height and weight. Our experts review additional information based on the photographs of the recipient and her partner.
  • When will I pay for the egg donation?

    The advance payment of EUR 500 is due at the reservation of date of egg retrieval of the donor. The payment for the treatment must be credited to the account of the clinic on the day of the donors egg colection at the latest.

  • Does the price include all medication that I need?
    No, it does not. Our patients must pay for the medication in addition to the price of treatment.