Cancer genetics


Oncological diseases occur frequently in the population, but only 5-10% of them (15 to 20% in children) results from a genetic predisposition. Genetic testing targets especially this group of patients with cancer.   

The goal of genetic testing is to clarify the risk of cancer, determine whether a family has a congenital hereditary tumor predisposition and recommend appropriate prevention.

When is genetic testing for patients with oncological diseases (or their relatives) appropriate?

  • in diagnosis of cancer in unusually young age
  • for people with various types of cancer
  • in occurrence of bilateral tumors in paired organs
  • in repeated occurrence of the same type of cancer (e.g. breast cancer or cancer of the colon and rectum) in the family
  • in combination of certain types of cancer in close relatives (breast and ovarian cancer,  carcinoma  of intestine and uterus), especially in cases where the disease occurred in younger age

Ask your doctor about the possibility of genetic testing.