The aim of GENNET is to provide superb and comprehensive services. That is why a department of urology and andrology is a part of our center.Infertility treatment can only be successful when qualified experts and the latest equipment is available both for the patient and her partner. At the same time, GENNET offers treatment to men which is not only related to infertility treatment, but in addition deals with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of other disorders and diseases of male reproductive organs, excretory system and genitals.


We provide the following services in urology department:

  • preventive urological checks that focus on
    • prostate cancer
    • benign prostate enlargement
    • bladder cancer etc. including DNA testing
  • ultrasound examination
    • kidneys
    • bladder
    • prostate
  • urodynamic testing e.g. for urinary incontinence
  • surgical procedures for urological diseases and disorders in partner facilities


We deal with the following problems in andrology department:

  • sexual dysfunction
    • disorders of sexual performance and desire, loss of erection, sexual arousal, orgasm and sexual satisfaction
  • erectile dysfunction
  • aging man syndrome
    • decline in male sex hormones related to decrease of sexual activity and change in quality of life
  • male infertility
    • semen analysis
    • consultation for disorders of sperm production or lower sperm motility
    • disorders in shape of sperm
    • sperm transport disorders