Before the first visit

What is required for the first visit of a geneticist:

  • application for genetic testing from the attending physician
  • health insurance card
  • report of the illness or serious disease of another family member that you want to consult (bring a report from histological examination of the tumor for cancer when available and determine the types of cancer and age at diagnosis in relatives with tumors)
  • report on genetic testing (if you have already been examined in another clinic for genetics)
  • result of semen analysis of the male partner for consultation before conception (if it has already been carried out in another facility)
  • completed genealogy form - download the form below

Pregnant patients also need:

  • pregnancy pass with indication of blood group and Rh factor
  • results of screening in the current pregnancy (only if they were conducted in another facility) - i.e. first trimester screening (nuchal translucency - NT) and/or second trimester screening (triple screen blood test)

If you opt for invasive prenatal examination (biopsy of the placenta, amniocentesis or sampling of umbilical cord blood), it is necessary to have a person to accompany you or drive you home!


  • presence of the partner in genetic counseling is appropriate, especially if it is a genetic test:
  • before conception (with and without methods of assisted reproduction)
  • during pregnancy of the patient
  • when severe / hereditary disease occurs in the partner or in his family
  • the partner must also carry the health insurance card
  • completed genealogy form - download the form below

It is not required to fast before blood tests for genetic examinations!

Genealogy form

  • download the form to your PC by clicking on the icon
  • complete the form directly in the pdf file after downloading
  • print out the form after completing, sign it and bring it to the consultation