Female infertility has many causes. Regardless of the reason for problems with fertility, our center GENNET can overcome many issues thanks to our advanced medical procedures. Despite the initial unsatisfactory state of female reproduction abilities, we are capable of helping our clients to become biological parents of a child.

We need a female donor

For whom is the treatment intended?

  • Couples, in which the woman suffers from one of the following problems or their combination:
    • hormonal disorders
    • premature menopause
    • endometriosis
    • blocked fallopian tubes
    • polycystic ovaries
    • immunological factors
    • genetic or chromosomal anomalies
    • reduced egg quality
    • the woman underwent chemotherapy in the past

What is the procedure of donor selection?

  • the couple completes a form in the initial interview in which they state their personal data
  • the couple also states their preferences regarding the female donor in the form
  • unique software selects the most suitable donor from our register
  • we attempt to choose a donor of approximately the same phenotype as the recipient (eye color, hair color, height, blood group)

Who will be our donor?

  • woman aged 18 – 35 years in good health
  • the donor must repeatedly successfully undergo the following examinations:
    • genetic testing
    • blood test for HIV, hepatitis B, C, syphilis
    • hormone testing
    • gynecological examination
    • internal examination

Donors are often university students or young women on maternity leave.

What is the succession of donor procedure?

  • cycle of the selected donor is synchronized with the cycle of the recipient
  • collected eggs are fertilized with sperm of the recipient´s partner or male donor
  • the resulting embryos are subsequently transferred into the uterus of the recipient
  • the remaining embryos can be frozen for future cycles