The clinic GENNET provides through its subsidiary CT Shipper distribution of tissues and cells both in the Czech Republic and outside on the basis of permission of State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL). We provide the service not only for our clients, but also for clients of other centers for assisted reproduction or for the centers themselves.

Why CT Shipper?

  • our parent company GENNET guarantees our flexibility, reliability and professionality. It has many years of comprehensive experience in the field of assisted reproduction
  • we are an experienced player on the market of distribution of sex cells
  • we are aware of the sensitivity of distribution procedure in its entire scope
  • distribution is prepared according to individual requirements of the client
  • we handle all negotiations and paperwork related to the actual distribution procedure for free (communication with authorities, transport companies, clinics and other parties)
  • the client is provided with online information about the state of transport

What is the security of the transported material?

  • the material is transported in cryogenic containers with two insulation layers (Dewar flasks) filled with liquid nitrogen that ensures optimum temperature
  • your precious cryopreserved material is under absolute control of a professionally trained employee during the entire course of transportation
  • we supervise the inner temperature of the cryogenic container with electronic data logger in the course of transportation
  • we guarantee that biological material is not exposed to X-ray
  • we never pass the container to third parties

How much is the service going to cost?

Distribution within the Czech Republic:

We can offer you the best price due to consolidation of orders.

  • prices can be found in the current price list
  • distribution to our clinic and between clinics of GENNET is free of charge
  • if another tissue facility provides the distribution, the client only pays a handling fee

Distribution outside the Czech Republic:

  • prices of distribution outside the Czech Republic are individual

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