A gift in the form of sperm can be at the beginning of the journey to your long-awaited child.

I need a donor

We recommend the method of donated sperm for couples with insufficient quality of male sex cells. This procedure is often the only way to help our clients to become parents.

For whom is the treatment intended?

  • couples with insufficient sperm quality

What is the procedure of donor selection?

  • the couple completes a form in the initial interview in which they state their personal data
  • the couple also states their preferences regarding the male donor in the form
  • unique software selects the most suitable donor from our register
  • we attempt to choose a donor of approximately the same phenotype as the recipient (eye color, hair color, height, blood group)

Who will be our donor?

  • healthy man aged 18 to 40 years
  • results of his semen analysis comply with all evaluated criteria
  • without genetic load
  • with negative blood tests for HIV, hepatitis B, C and syphilis
  • with preferred donor characteristics from your form

How do we provide sperm quality?

  • the donor must successfully undergo two blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases in a timespan of six months before we include him in the donor program
  • donation takes place after sexual abstinence of three days