Hysteroscopy means „viewing the uterine cavity“ with a hysteroscope, which is an optical device. The physician evaluates the shape of uterine cavity, ostium of fallopian tubes and endometrium during the examination and can collect a mucosa sample for histological examination at the same time.

Indication of hysteroscopy includes the following cases:

  • suspected adhesions, myomas, polyps, foreign bodies
  • repeated abnormal uterine bleeding
  • recurrent miscarriages
  • problems with conception
  • optical evaluation of findings in neoplasms of uterine corpus or cervix

The physician can during the examination:

  • remove polyps
  • remove adhesions
  • remove myomas
  • treat uterine septum in the partition of uterine cavity
  • locate and remove foreign bodies (such as intrauterine device)

What is the course of hysteroscopy?

The procedure of the entire examination is different for hysteroscopy without general anesthesia and with necessary general anesthesia.

Hysteroscopy without general anesthesia

Thanks to the new device we are able to perform hysteroscopy without general anesthesia painlessly in GENNET. Advantages of this method are mainly easy planning and preparation of the patient:

  • it is not necessary to enter the clinic one day before the intervention
  • preoperative evaluation is not necessary
  • only premedication is used one hour before the intervention in the clinic
  • actual intervention lasts 5 - 10 minutes
  • patient can follow the progress of procedure on the screen
  • patient rests for about 30 minutes in one of our rooms after the intervention
  • the client can leave the clinic by herself after the intervention, it is not necessary to be accompanied

Hysteroscopy with general anesthesia

The procedure of the entire examination is the following:

  • preoperative evaluation
  • take a disinfection vaginal tablet the night before the intervention
  • you are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke from midnight before the intervention
  • the actual intervention is performed between days 6 - 11 of the cycle
  • the intervention itself including anesthesia lasts 10 - 15 min
  • minimum length of stay in the ward is 2 hours
  • transport or accompaniment of an adult is necessary after the intervention
  • you cannot work on the day of intervention
  • prevention of infections is required after the intervention (avoid hot baths, sauna, pools)
  • sexual abstinence of about one week is necessary
  • medical check after 14 days